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We all know what a cloud is, we look up into the sky and see them. They are masses formed by minute water droplets that has undergone a whole TRAVEL JOURNEY, from once being actual water, then evaporating into billions of molecules of vapor that TRAVELS into the atmosphere on their JOURNEY to just get together and form a CLOUD. And then as a cloud yet another Travel YOURNEY begins as well as the wind blows them to new DESTINATIONS.

Every day on the media we hear about new clouds, icloud, cloud severs etc. But what is this new cloud that everyone is going on about? The answer to that is simple, its data information and data that gets together and stored.

We at Travelcloud have created our own cloud. As travelcloud.africa we have partnered with the world’s biggest GDS operators, airlines, hotels, accommodation providers, activity providers and car rental agencies across the globe. Through our partnerships our cloud collects and shares data, each and every second 24/7 365 days a year, thus being updated constantly and in absolute REAL TIME. The result…. We offer the best available deals on all the services we offer from AIRLINE TICKETS to CAR HIRE. Due to our clouds state of the art advancement and because everything we do is in REAL TIME, gone is the days of wrong and information that’s not updated RESULTING in wrong pricing, bookings going missing and overbooking. But at TRAVELCLOUD we have also gone above and beyond by addressing SERVICE. Pre, during and after sales service.

We at TRAVELCLOUD offer support and service in real time 24/7 365 days a year. Our call centre is operational around the clock, adding that human touch. All our consultants are travel professionals with vast knowledge of any DESTINTION, rules and regulations, visa requirements and the do’s and don’ts of travel.  We believe it’s important for our clients to speak with a real human, when they need to, “no our office hours are …… “, “no Artificial Intelligence”! A real human that can understand frustrations and emotions and that is fully equipped to deal with any aspect that might arise.
Customer service is our aim to assist you by listening to your needs and concerns. Further because we understand that Travelling INTERNATIONIALLY it is sometimes expensive to make INTERNATIONAL calls. Therefore, we are pleased to offer the first direct WhatsApp service in our industry, with our consultants. It operates around the clock. By simply clicking on our WhatsApp icon at the top of each of our pages under HELP CENTRE you will be immediately connected to one of our consultants, no matter if you are on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. One click is all it takes, and you will be connected to a human, after being connected you have the choice to communicate via text or actually a WhatsApp call.

And then of course should you wish not to use our user-friendly online booking platform, our consultants are waiting for your call, not only to assist you with making any booking, but also to make any booking telephonically and over the phone on your behalf. 

TRAVELCLOUD.Africa has offices throughout the world and we fast becoming the worlds no 1 Booking platform, offering the best priced deals on not only flights, international accommodation and activities but also our legendary unparalleled Customer support and vision.
We believe to make travellers happy. We build relationships based on trust and aim to create the very best customer experience. Reputation and integrity is what our foundations are built on and as the saying goes “actions speak louder than words and the proof is in the pudding” please visit HELLO PETER where you shall see not a single complaint has been lodged against us.

So without further ado….
Email: support@travelcloud.africa

24 Hour
Call centre
+27 62 775 2161
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4 Daventry St, Lynnwood Manor,
Pretoria, 0081
+27 62 775 2161
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